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Tiger Fight, October 24th, Barcelona coach Koeman attended the pre-match press conference with Real Madrid.


In principle, we all have a lot of pressure. I think this game has nothing to do with previous games, whether it is Barcelona or Real Madrid. Although the results of Real Madrid's previous two games were not very satisfactory, I don't think Real Madrid is at a low point now, because they can withstand the pressure well. I believe they will not be affected by the results of the recent games.


I think any player can play,


I hope to have a good night's sleep (laughs). Of course, being a player and a coach are different. Of course, I prefer to participate in a game as a player, but I can’t compete. So standing on the sidelines as a coach is also a way to participate in the game. Of course the experience is different. I have also been in this industry for many years. Tomorrow’s game will be very special, but I am also familiar with pressure.


He has a lot of his ideas, I respect it, and Pique is also very smart. He knows that while accepting such an interview, he also needs to go all out for tomorrow's game. Pique has such experience, he has played here for many years as a captain and player, and he has his own ideas.


I think any coach must be adjusted if there is a problem, and Real Madrid must be the same. I believe that Barcelona and Real Madrid are not short of motivation, everyone has experience, and everyone knows how to play in such a game.


The opponent is very strong and very threatening when they hold the ball. Facing Barcelona, ​​I believe Real Madrid is more likely to play 4-4-2 instead of 4-3-3. I believe they will definitely not give us a lot of space, just like the previous two games. I think Real Madrid's defense tomorrow will be tighter.


Of course, more importantly, whether Ramos plays or not will be very important, because Ramos is not only an excellent defender, but also the captain of Real Madrid, very fighting spirit.


No, for me it is always the performance of the players, not the experience, and experience requires young players to be able to play. I will only choose the most suitable lineup, not age.


This game is definitely a close match, and has nothing to do with the results of the previous game, and this time there are no fans, which is also a very strange situation. The details determine the outcome, such as possession of the ball, such as pressing, and gaining an advantage in these areas, we can defeat the opponent.


The game is very important. It can give us a lot of confidence. Our players work very hard and are worthy of such a victory. They have been accepting new ideas, and if they can win, it will be easier to advance the next work. Our next schedule is very tight and our opponents are very strong. If we can win this game, it will give us more confidence.



No, because if I see this in games and training, I will tell the players directly. I think in the current global environment, any club is suffering huge losses, and all clubs are considering salary cuts. This is normal.


I understand the position of the club and the demands of the players. This requires them to talk about it. As a coach, I will lead the team, competition and training


I remember a lot, such as the 5-0 victory, and my first national derby. We won 3-1. I remember that I scored a penalty first and only won another. Penalty kicks, the first time a penalty was scored but violated, the second time was only a penalty, three penalty kicks in a game, this experience is rare.


First of all, as a Barcelona player, he is unique, and he faces Real Madrid. There are many topics in this game. At that time, everyone was lacking motivation and other topics. At this time, the most important thing is to stay calm. There are no spectators at this time...Although it is not to let the game fade, but at least it will keep everyone from getting hot heads. Of course, it also means that there is no pressure at home. For young players, the national derby is a completely different experience. Such a game requires focus and no distraction.


First of all, we are making changes. We talked to the club. First of all, it was the performance and ability of the players. I said that I don’t care about age, but about the performance of the players.


I think Barcelona has done a good job of rejuvenation. Such players should play as long as they are worthy. They need the opportunity to prove their ability.


Fati is only 17 years old, but he is already a Spanish international. He will become a star in the future, but he still needs to grow up. We also need to help him and other young players.


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